Ford Car Leasing

Ford Car Leasing

We can provide Ford car leasing around the United Kingdom at the best possible prices per month.

Ford Focus Lease

Ford Focus Lease

We can offer the best deals for the Ford Focus lease, meaning that you can drive away with a Ford Focus at low monthly costs and a low deposit.

Ford Financing Plan

Ford Financing Plan

We can create the perfect Ford financing plan for you focusing on your specific budget and personal preferences.

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Ford Car Leasing

If you're interested in Ford car leasing we would be more than happy to offer you details on the different finance options which we provide.

There are numerous Ford models which we provide financing for including Kuga, Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo. There are a range of price plans which you may choose from for Ford cars. We will be sure to offer you the best deals available to ensure you get a vehicle which you will afford each month.  

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Purchasing a motor vehicle isn't a straightforward decision. If you do not desire to, or simply can't afford to, purchase a motorcar outright, you could decide to buy the vehicle by leasing it. For details regarding leasing a vehicle, please click here

The cost to operate a car is an additional thing to look at before making an order. Vehicles are among the most costly items that people buy within their lifetime. You will have to choose a premium motorcar financing business to be sure you obtain the greatest deals.

Ford Focus Lease Near Me

If you're looking to lease a Ford Focus, we are able to provide you with the best deals across the UK. Our Ford Focus lease deals come in a variety of prices depending on your monthly budget, how much you can afford to put down as a deposit and how long you want to finance the car for. 

While people spend hours evaluating different models and then negotiate to get the costing down, the amount of individuals that invest time to scour the market for the top motorcar finance deal is much smaller as a result.

You might risk making the cost of the motorcar more pricey if you pay over the odds to borrow money to purchase it. You should check out rates of interest and the costs available to be sure you do not end up paying more than you need to.

One way of getting Ford car leasing by top rated specialists is using Hire Purchase (HP); this requires instalments over 12-60 months once placing an initial deposit of 10% in most cases. If you're searching for Personal Contract Hire, this could be arranged by a car dealership.

For this sort of financing, you don't own the motorcar until you've paid back the last instalment; this is because the credit is secured against the vehicle. The most common way to lease a motorcar is by personal contract hire.

Ford Fiesta Personal Lease Near Me

We can provide local Ford Fiesta personal lease if you decide that this is the model you wish to buy on finance. The Fiesta is a very popular model; our experts have a range of leasing plans set up for this type of car and can alter them if necessary. If you wish to lower your monthly instalments when leasing a Fiesta, we would recommend extending the length of your contract or putting down a higher deposit if possible. 

Personal contract plan is a sort of vehicle loan offer on HP and tends to result in reduced monthly obligations. Through a personal contract plan, you'll pay the gap between sale and resale price instead of buying the motorcar outright. The price is dependant upon the distance travelled across the duration of agreement.

Instalments can be distributed over 12-36 months alternatively. If you'd like to keep the car once the term is over, you may purchase it for the resale price; otherwise you could either give the vehicle back or trade it for another motorcar and therefore you'll have to begin the instalments just as before.

With a PCP financing plan, you have to pay a down payment and month to month instalments exactly like you would with a loan but these sums are often small compared to various other types of financing.

For more details on private leasing please click here The monthly payments are really low-cost, due to a big payment must be paid prior to you owning the vehicle.

Vehicle Finance Prices

Personal leasing will involve sticking with a certain mileage; you'll then get maintenance as part of the set monthly cost. At the conclusion of our agreement, you give the car back. In a personal finance contract, the vehicle doesn't ever to you. The benefits on this is motoring at a set monthly price without any concerns regarding the vehicle depreciating in worth.

It is important that you decide on the best financing method for you and also compare top-rated specialists nearby to make certain you get the best offers and you are not just choosing the closest company. The main thing to take into account is the monthly instalment costs; it's important you're able to pay for these so you don't get in financial trouble or have the vehicle taken off you.

Make sure you compare and contrast interest rates by looking at the APR (annual percentage rate), including all the costs you need to pay. In order to decrease your rate of interest, placing a greater deposit down will help. All these deals will be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Ford Financing Plans

There are a range of Ford financing plans which you may choose from. As a professional car leasing company, we can supply various options for you to choose from.

The different models may affect the prices of the contracts and it is important that you get the model you want for a price you will be able to afford. We will help you through the process and will look into your monthly budget to ensure that you can afford the car once you agree on the finance. 


It is advisable to assess all the costs over the contract and make sure you have covered the surrounding areas of the contract. Insurance protection like GAP cover and PPI could be highly-priced and might not provide full cover, so remember to think twice before you agree to this.

If you've written your vehicle off and your remaining finance is higher than your vehicle's worth, GAP cover should pay out. To learn even more about car financing, make sure to visit this page Avoid early repayment or any other expenses which trigger should you go beyond the estimated mileage in PCP (and also personal leasing).

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